We Love What We Do

Really, we love our job, and all the thing we do are done with care and love.

Strategy is Our Better Side

Experience is something we are proud of, and there for we always think things trough before starting a project.

Custom Mobile Devices & Apps

Yes, we made the EXIT Festival Edition Phone with Huawei and MTS, and this is Kick Ass Mobile Marketing!

We Use Top Notch Techology

When it comes to Tech, Supreme works with best Tech Partners, on Web Servers, and with the best Platforms and Tools out there.

Live Stream & Video Production

Live Streaming mayor events since 2009 in Full HD, using Livestream.com, YouTube Live, Google HangOuts OnAir, Livebeats…

Supreme Web Development

There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to Web Applications.

We did another EXIT Festival Live!

Life Stream Platform including Live Video, Audio, Photo, Social Networks streams with amazing Augmented Reality all packet up in the EXIT Festival Edition SmartPhone on Custom Android. Teamed up with our EXIT Tech Partners & Friends : YouTube, Google Plus, Mixcloud, SoundCloud, LastFm, Spotify, ReverNation, Huawei, MTS … Proudly powered by Supreme WordPress Theme! EXIT

Supreme Theme

Most Advanced WordPress Theme Ever!

International Radio Festival

Another successful year for IRFRadioFest & Supreme Team. Covering Life Stream with Social Media, WordPress, Mobile,Video Live Streaming with YouTube, Google Plus HangOuts OnAir, Livebeats, and teaming up with Mixlr & Mixcloud to bring you fresh Audio Shows from the Best Radio Stations from all over the world.

Listen How The World Sounds!

"Supreme Factory are knowledgeable about all things digital and effortlessly integrate campaigns with traditional PR strategies to make the best of both worlds. Always looking forward to the next new technology and full of enthusiasm, they are a joy to work with and very reliable. "

− Nikki McNeill, Director at Global Publicity & Pole Motion

"Supremes were really great to meet and work with! They took multitasking to the limit!! Brilliant fun and highly talented... "

− Norman Normski Anderson, BBC

"Supreme Factory were always thinking of new ideas to engage fans and promote the festival in different and new ways. They are reliable, professional and quick to react and I hope to work with them again. "

− Nikki McNeill, on EXIT Festival

Choose Only 2!


Do you need Quality Product from our side? Than you have to chose one more: Price or Speed. 


If you need Supreme Team to be Ultra fast with 24/7 customers Support and you still wonna Quality, than you should call us for the Price. 


Do you need you job to be done ASAP? Than you can can choose bettbew Quality vs. Price. 

Supreme Services

Our System is inredible flexible and lets you create stunning WordPress Themes without any coding knowledge out of the box. Easily customizable for everyone.
Supreme Factory make Audio and Video Production, Mastering, Post Production, that will make your Rich Media super awesome.
Web Design, WordPress, Viral Facebook Apps, Heroku and Amazon SSL hosted, Mobile Applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, and made by Supreme Team Developers. Included great SEO with high rankings on search engines.