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We’ve found the best free Halloween fonts for you to use. Check them out, we think you’ll like them.

Halloween is bearing down on us fast, and we know you’re going to need some ultra scary fonts for all that Halloween art.
Here are 45 frighteningly free Halloween fonts broken down into categories to help you execute your monstrous masterpieces this season.

In honor of this month’s annual fright night, Designrazzi scoured the globe, peeking into every dark corner, every creepy closet, and under the bed for free Halloween fonts–living or dead.
We found over 45 Halloween and Halloween inspired fonts and they’re all free!

Daily Free Fonts: Daily Free Fonts has a selection of free fonts that are simply out of this world. What makes this site unique is that you can mouse over each font to see a complete preview. Every font on this site is generated from a classic Halloween standby, such as bats or spiders, which altogether make the experience very nostalgic.

Art by Andy Nortnik: Art by Andy Nortnik serves up both standard QWERTY and Wingdings fonts. With a macabre assortment of bone fonts, fonts that drip blood, and many more, we highly recommend this website. In addition, these fonts are carefully handcrafted which sets them apart from the rest.

Fontspace: Fontspace is an amazing website. With a current inventory of 8,995 free fonts, you know their Halloween collection will be extensive. Right now, you can download 146 free Halloween fonts ranging from the whimsical to the horrifying. These fonts add an artistic touch to any creation, so hit the link and start downloading.

Witty Living: At Witty Living, the fonts offered are very clean and simple, which is very important when you just want to get your point across. We especially like this site for the high quality of the fonts, which is relatively hard to find on the web. With five to choose from, including “Addam’s Family” and “Bones,” this may become your favorite site.

Fonts & Things: At Fonts & Things, you’ll find striking fonts that will set you apart from the rest. Some examples of fonts are “Foo,” “Frankendork,” and “Green Fuz.” With these fonts, they make the reader experience an almost tangible sensation that they won’t soon forget.

We’ve found these sites to be the best on the web for free Halloween fonts, thanks to their varied selections, high quality, and distinct designs. There are other sites just waiting to be found, but in our opinion, these five are the best that we found.


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[UPDATED 6 OCT 2013]

Headhunter – Free Halloween Font

Pieces NFI – Free Halloween Font

A dripping marker – Free Halloween Font

Free Halloween Fonts – Halloween Spider

Zombie Holocaust – Free Halloween Font

Bloodthirsty – Free Halloween Font

Spiders Club – Free Halloween Font

12 Halloween Signs LT – Free Halloween Font

DHF Story Brush – Free Halloween Font

Midnight – Free Halloween Font

TOXIA – Free Halloween Font

Evilz – Free Halloween Font

Arakphobia – Free Halloween Font

Helloween 2 – Free Halloween Font

Something Strange – Free Halloween Font

Coulures – Free Halloween Font

CF My Bloody Valentine font – Free Halloween Font

KR Oh Witchy Poo – Free Halloween Font

Tricks and Treats – Free Halloween Font

Helloween (version 2) – Free Halloween Font

AEZ Halloween Dingbats – Free Halloween Font

Día de los muertos – Free Halloween Font

Autumn – Free Halloween Font

Bosque Encantado – Free Halloween Font

Bleeding Freaks – Free Halloween Font

Pumpkinese – Free Halloween Font

Pumpkin – Free Halloween Font

Darkwood – Free Halloween Font

Death Branch – Free Halloween Font

Wild Wood – Free Halloween Font

Blood Of Dracula – Free Halloween Font

Jack Lantern BB – Free Halloween Font

Your Bloody Choice – Free Halloween Font

CF One Two Trees – Free Halloween Font

Deep Woods Initials – Free Halloween Fonts

A Lolita Scorned – Free Halloween Font

Bouh Bouh – Free Halloween Fonts

Tree Like – Free Halloween Fonts

Meltdown MF for Mac or Windows – Free Halloween Font

Jack O – Free Halloween Fonts

Grafik Text – Free Halloween Font

Groovy Ghosties – Free Halloween Fonts

Groovy Ghosties is an alphabet made of incorporeal beings from beyond the grave. Don’t forget to read the files inside the zip for details.

Halloween Bats – Free Halloween Fonts

Lunacy More – Free Halloween Fonts

Tango Macabre – Free Halloween Fonts

Shlop – Free Halloween Font

Face Your Fears – Free Halloween Font

Nightbird – Free Halloween Font

Scary Psycho Fonts

Black Letter
Crazy Killer
Feast of Flesh
Plague Death
Punk Ass Bitch
Uncle Typewriter

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