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EXIT festival MTS Android OS on special edition of Huawei handset

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EXIT festival goes Mobile Marketing big time, by teaming up with China mobile leader Huawei and the biggest Serbian Provider Telekom - MTS. Here is a littel sneak peak into EXIT Festival Android 4.1.1. OS for the Huawei handset Ascend G510... and watch this place for Video Tuts very ...
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FREENTERNET – SHARE conference & EXIT Festival

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An invitation to all creative internet citizens to create The Alphabet of Freenternet.

Exit Festival and the A3 Format group are warmly inviting designers and all other creative citizens to participate in the creation of “The Alphabet of Freenternet“ – a unique book which aim is to graphically and textually explain some of the most important terms concerning the Internet and the freedom of expression.

During the past year we have all been witness to the attempts directed at limiting the Internet’s status as a global place of free communication and the freedom of expression. Its non-existent boundaries are a phenomenon rarely seen in the history.

The Internet made millions, even billions of people more open to the knowledge aquisition and global communications by the access it allows. It democratized the general public, and made fact manipulation harder than ever.

The Internet is still a fresh phenomenon,  while still modifying faster than we could ever have imagined. The privileges of the Internet are, sadly, abused by the people engaged in organized crime, spreading ethnic hatred and pedophilia, and in that sense, demands for certain regulations are the logical steps.

However, those who wish to subdue the Internet to personal economic and political interests share the same goal: to present the free communication limitations as advancement to the safety of our lives and our properties. The Internet is rapidly changing, so it is still hard to understand the intentions and the effects of various initiatives for the Internet regulation. Worldwide activists have mobilized in the past year, managing to stop several initiatives, fatal to freedom.

We have chosen 26 terms most often used when discussing Internet and freedom of expression.

The meanings of these terms are often subject of debate. Different uses and abuses of these terms are the basis of various restricting legal decisions, proposed by interest groups.

We are inviting all young and creative Internet citizens to join us with their visual solutions to one of the given terms. A single assigment should graphically present one of the chosen terms.

The best ideas will be printed in the “Alphabet of Freenternet“ publication, which will be handed out to the festival visitors. The competition is open from May 29 to June 20. The assignments should be sent as vector files (AI, PDF, EPS) in A6 format in two colours (black and red) to the address freenternet@exitfest.org. The authors of the selected works will be notified by June 25 and awarded with a ticket to the forthcoming Exit Festival, held from July 12 to 15 in Novi Sad.

The Alphabet of FREENTERNET:
A – Anonymity
B – Blasphemy
C – Content
D – Decentralization
E – Equality
F – Free Software
G – Globalization
H – Hacking
I – Intellectual Property
J – Jurisdiction
K – Kopimism
L – Lulz
M – Meme
N – Net Neutrality
O – Open
P – Privacy
Q – Quote
R – Remix
S – Share
T – Terrorism
U – Universal Declaration of Human Rights
V – Virus
W – Wiki
Y – You
Z – Zine

More info on winners:

New mix #embed from @Mixcloud

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Mixcloud just made new embed codes for mixes 🙂

These guys just pushing more & more into cutting edge of online music!

Check out the Exit Festival 2011 DJ competition with this code.

And don’t forget to apply and win a DJ set at the biggest Dance Arena in the world + 3 more Stages!

Mixcloud are proud to be working with the EXIT team to put together an amazing DJ mix competition to play at Exit Festival, Serbia.

Win the chance to play on 4 different stages at this year’s festival, including playing to a crowd of 20,000 on the biggest Dance Arena in the world:

Get your entry in now!
NJOY the good music 😉

Share this: Move fast, but don’t break things

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Exit Festival about Facebook page hack: On Monday night, continuing on Tuesday, Serbian media were overflown by the story of Exit Festival official facebook page being hacked. Almost all of them missed to mention that this is not the only case of such events, and that this has happened to ...

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